Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion handmade eco and fair

There is a story behind every garment about how and where it was created. A lot of times clothing has a long history even before it arrives in your closet: telling a tale of international shipping and cheap labor and fabrics.

Things should and can be different. We want to tell a story about honest business casual that is made a way all clothing should be made: with social and sustainable responsibility.

With care for the world, we are exploring the possibilities of sustainability in fabrics and the way we produce. We do that in many ways:

Fabric sourcing

The fabrics we use are either biological textiles, with natural colouring or designer deadstock which are left over fabrics from big companies that are usually burned or destroyed.

Producing locally

By producing locally and working with as much local suppliers as possible, we try to contribute to reducing CO2-emissions.

Partnership for knitwear

As we are not specialized in knitwear and want to keep our high quality standards we are working with a partner for our sustainable knitwear. As expected we demand the same values for our partnerships and stay true to them. this is why we work with a manufacturer who works with 100% traceable organic cashmere wool and 100% organic merino wool from Australia. The main reasons we work with this partner are:

Reasons we work with this manufacturer are:

• Paying their workers 2-3x more wages than local labor rates
• Treat their workers with respect and offering career and job security
• Strict rules on worker's safety and workplace's cleanliness are enforced
• Ethical manufacturing laws and protections are enforced
• Traceable 100% organic cashmere & 100% organic merino wool.
• Certified pure organic products and modern technological equipment
• Quality control processes are proficiently followed

We are in close personal contact with our partners and would love to answer your questions if you have any.

Wrapping and packaging

We wrap our garments in recycled material, also encouraging the end consumer to recycle the waste material again. we ship our items with wastebased products made from cornstarch. encouraging the end consumer to compost the mailer as it is biodegradable. 

We are always exploring sustainable alternatives hoping to grow. Therefore we are always looking for suppliers, manufacturers and collaborators that share our vision in terms of sustainability.

Repair services

In our atelier we offer repair-services on all garments. Our tailors love to help you with all repairs and upcycling. We encourage a long life for your wardrobe and believe clothing always deserves a second chance so you can enjoy them longer. Contact us for an appointment or come visit our atelier during workin hours. For small repairs we can always squeeze you in. When visiting please keep in mind all Corona precautions recommended by the Rijksoverheid. 

Carbon neutral shipping

We do our best to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible, striving to become 100% carbon-neutral. Besides using only biodegradable recycled materials of our packaging we compensate carbon emissions (reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere so that increased greenhouse gases elsewhere have a net impact of 0) of all of their deliveries through offset for every package send based on, shipping type, distance and package weight to projects, such as forestation projects Pachama, that reduce our carbon footprint.  

Guaranteeing quality & creating a truly sustainable brand, in every way we can. 

Honest business casual.