About us

Jungles, born and located in The Hague residing in creative and sustainable startup & innovation hub Apollo 14, is a young and creative brand providing our costumers with high quality & handmade women's apparel. Because of our sustainable, ethical and local approach to fashion we have several partners in The Hague among which the 'gemeente Den Haag'. 

Our mission is to show that sustainability can be fashionable and for women to look great from day to evening without compromising on people or planet. An honest approach to fashion in which we represent a diverse array in our team and customers inclusive in people, sizes and age. 

Our social mission is twofold. Caring for the planet by producing all our garments locally from sustainable materials and fabrics and caring for people by producing locally with locals. Creating jobs and impact with our social studio.

Our collection will exist mainly out of sustainable fabrics or designer surplus fabrics. Every year millions of usable materials from designers all over the world are being destroyed. Instead of ordering or designing new materials and starting up production with all its environmental consequences, Atelier Jungles buys these “written off” fabrics to create sustainable impact and to make use of the most of these high quality materials.

Meet the team 💚

Our team consists of Giselle, founder of Jungles and our tailors Bahe from Syria, Kevin from Curacao, Michou from the Netherlands and Layla from Somalia.

Our tailors and seamstresses are experienced but, for a variety of reasons, had problems finding employment. With guidance and training we offer them jobs, allowing them to grow, allowing us to create our clothing close to home.