Fabric sourcing and local manufacturing

Handmade in our atelier

By producing locally in our own Atelier in the Netherlands and working with as much local suppliers as possible, we try to contribute to reducing CO2-emissions.

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Sustainable fabrics

The fabrics we use are either biological textiles, with natural colouring or designer deadstock which are left over fabrics from big companies that are usually burned or destroyed.

Sustainable fabrics we use:

  • Organic Cotton OEKO-Tex certified
  • Tencel
  • Vegan Silk / Cupro for our Vegan Silk line
  • Deadstock from selected stores
  • Econyl for our swimwear
  • Only natural dyed fabrics

All fabrics are of the highest quality and we are continuously sampling and looking for innovations

Partnership knitwear

As we are not specialized in knitwear and want to keep our high quality standards we are working with a partner for our sustainable knitwear. As expected we demand the same values for our partnerships and stay true to them. this is why we work with a manufacturer who works with 100% traceable organic cashmere wool and 100% organic merino wool from Australia. The main reasons we work with this partner are:

Reasons we work with this manufacturer are:

• Paying their workers 2-3x more wages than local labor rates
• Treat their workers with respect and offering career and job security
• Strict rules on worker's safety and workplace's cleanliness are enforced
• Ethical manufacturing laws and protections are enforced
• Traceable 100% organic cashmere & 100% organic merino wool.
• Certified pure organic products and modern technological equipment
• Quality control processes are proficiently followed

We are in close personal contact with our partners and would love to answer your questions if you have any.