Sustainable Business Solutions

Ciruclair Business solutions for your company.

Atelier Jungles helps companies to make sustainable and social impact by reducing textile waste, stimulating reuse and high-quality recycling and upcycling of (used) materials to creatively achieve sustainability goals.


Good for the environment

In this way, your company can combine the purchase of business gifts or staff gifts or planned expenses such as interior or art with the processing of old waste flows, an advantage for both the environment and the wallet.


Recognizable and valuable

Based on a creative concept, our studio makes new items such as merchandise, clothing, hats, bags, laptop covers, phone cases or even wall art. This impresses external stakeholders and products with a logo and house style are recognizable and valuable for customers and staff.

Atelier Jungles helps you think along with a design that matches the wishes of your company. Always tailor-made. Together we look at the possibilities in terms of materials, style, color and design. Techniques we use are:

  • Fiberizing and weaving fabrics (cotton) into new material
  • Cleaning and reusing the original material
  • Felted

Handmade in the Netherlands

All products made in our workshop are made from organic and recycled materials to reduce the impact on the environment. The products are ethically produced by people with a distance to the labor market or newcomers, locally in The Hague, close to home under the highest certifications.



Do you want to know what is possible for your company? Make an appointment or come by to see the making process with your own eyes. We like to think along with you about the possibilities to surprise your employees, (potential) customers and business relations with a sustainable gift.

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