How we calculate our prices

How we calculate our prices

We often get asked the question: Will your prices get lower in the future. The answer is; No. Honest sustainable fashion comes with extra costs and investment in every stage of the production cycle. 

As a big part of our values is being fully transparent, we thought why not break down the cost price of our pieces and publish online for all to see. Each style has its own individual set of costs, including:

  • Fabric sourcing
  • Accessories
  • Production and labor costs
  • Transportation

So guys, here you are:

How we pick our fabrics

We buy high quality, sustainable and all-natural textiles with sustainable certifications such as GOTS, BCI and Oeko-tex*. A lot of international brands use chemicals in the dying process of fabrics that are not only dangerous for the environment, but could also harm the workers; we choose to use those fabrics that ensure worker safety and environmental standards. Most of our fabrics cost us between 10 to 30 EUR per meter; we use at least 2m for dresses or sweaters and over 2.5m for our coats. 

Accessories and haberdashery

We find it very important to use as little haberdashery as necessary. When we do have to use some, for instance zippers or buttons, We put a lot of thought into sourcing. As sustainable and polyester free zippers are very costly and not always at good quality, the next best thing would be to use European made, and local sold trims and accessories. A combination of both, ensures us that we can create the garments we have designed and still work environmentally aware.

Workers safety, pay and working conditions

95% of our collection is made in our own studio in The Netherlands. This means we have full control over the workers safety, pay and working conditions. All of our workers receive above minimum wage pay, and are registered at the collective labour agreement and pension fund. We also provide career opportunities and permanent contracts.

The other 5% of our collection consists of our knitwear items. As we are not qualified enough to create these styles in the quality we want to offer, these styles are manufactured in Inner Mongolia in a family owned factory in which they have been working in the garment-making business for multiple generations. We ensure that all the workers are paid fairly, and get the same treatment we give our local workers, we keep in close contact with them and they offer full transparency in the factory and work environment.

All the pieces we produce require a lot of attention to detail to create a perfect fit and enduring quality, resulting in a production cost from 15 to 50 EUR per piece.

Our transportation footprint is low because we produce locally

This includes all the costs made to transport the fabrics from the mill to the sewing facility in the Netherlands and then the finished garments form our atelier to you. We make sure to compensate the CO2 emissions of every shipment by paying to compensate through Offset. Every online order we ship, we pay a fee that goes to protecting the existing forest and improving the biomass through better forest management.

We calculate all this as the “true cost” of the items, and we multiply the “true cost” by an average of 2.2 to 2.5 to cover the costs of running our business, renting the studio investing in growth, marketing and our research and development. Each item in our collection goes through several stages from sketching to sampling and fittings until we add it to our collection.

Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Love, Giselle. 

*Global Textile standard, Better cotton initiative & tested for harmful substances.

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